Welcome to my new blog.

Hey, welcome to my new blog music, makeup and me. A little about me, my name is Karla, I am a makeup artist, DJ and I have my own radio show every Friday night from 9 until 10pm called the Electronic Dance Session on CRY104FM. I am from and living in Ireland (never know where this might reach) if you haven’t guessed already by the name of the blog, I am very passionate about makeup and music. I started DJing in April 2011 and I started my radio show in September 2014, sometimes I upload my show onto my podcast which does reasonably well around the globe (must be the Irish accent, ha). In July 2014 I watched a YouTube tutorial on contouring and highlighting and was led onto an SFX makeup tutorial. I thought to myself I would give it a go for the craic, had so much fun doing it I decided to do lots more SFX looks, after a few weeks of doing that I applied for a makeup artistry course in college. I began college in September 2014 and finished May 2015. I passed all my exams and got very good results (woohoo). Through the course I did, I am also qualified in skincare, eyelash, eyebrow tinting, trimming, spray tan, media, theatrical and fashion makeup. I guess that’s enough about me for now, basically starting this blog to share my wonderful life consisting of music and makeup. I will do product reviews also and share my thoughts on what I feel is relevant for this blog. When something is either music or makeup related I will say in the title in case some people have no interest in one or the other.

Well that’s the awkward introduction out of the way. Looking forward to posting some more but for now, peace out and goodnight.

Much love K x