My 31 day Halloween makeup challenge


So it has been a few weeks since I started this blog and the reason I haven’t posted anything since was because I was INSANELY busy during the month of October.
During August this year I decided to do up a 31 day Halloween makeup challenge, I chose all the themes for each day.


I couldn’t wait to get started but once the first of October came around, life got manic!! Meetings, hospital appointments, car needing nct, you name it, everything came at once 😯
I couldn’t dedicate myself to the challenge 100% as I had to rush a lot of the looks because I needed to get them done in daylight as my camera quality is bad enough during the day, it is 100 times worse at night, still though, I managed to post a look everyday and record a dubsmash (that was the fun part) πŸ˜‰
It was very rewarding though strangers approach me telling me they loved the challenge and couldn’t wait each day to see what I came up with, also a few opportunities have opened up for because of the challenge, I think exciting times are ahead and goes to show if you love doing something and are passionate enough, work hard at it and dreams do come true.
Before I sign off… I have decided to do and have already put together a 25 days of Christmas makeup challenge (just cause I am a glutton for punishment 😂) but I will be prepared this time.
Much love… K ❀ x


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