Trying to get used to the blog & future (hopefully) vlog life.

I am totally hopeless! I was meant to update this after doing the live periscope with Whatsalon. Well it did go well, I was very nervous at first but the second time we went live I was totally relaxed. You’d think with me being a radio DJ I’d have some confidence  being “live” but no, no I do not! Here is the look I did for Whatsalon on periscope.


I had so much fun with Naomi doing this, at one point she was having trouble with her phone and asked a tech guy to come in and help, he had no idea what we were doing and he looked at me with concern, Naomi burst out laughing, not only didn’t she introduce us but didn’t explain what we were doing. I sat there oblivious, it was actually hilarious!
So the last few weeks I haven’t updated on here because I am still trying to get used to blogging but also doing a lot of research on blogging and vlogging. A lot of my followers on Facebook want me to start doing Youtube. Santa dearest is bringing me a Sony a5000 camera this year (such a good girl, I know ;)) and I have been looking into lighting etc as that is my biggest issue, especially this time of year in Ireland when we have very few hours daylight so when I take pictures of my makeup it literally dissolves on camera but I think I found a solution to my problem after much research (now I know what those Youtubers do 😆) I am going to invest in proper lighting and backdrops in time for my Sony a5000 camera.
But before I get all the proper equipment I am embarking in another challenge. A 25 day Christmas challenge starting as of the 1st of December  (which I made up again by myself…. proud!) Here is the challenge


There is a typo… Santa’s Little helper (r) I Know but didnt realise until I posted It!
Bare with me, I am only getting used to this blogging world, I will try update more often cause I do have lots to share with you 😘
Lots of love K ❤ xx


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