(Music post) New radio show

For the last year and two months I have had my show called the Electronic Dance Session on CRY104FM but I grew tired of EDM and it no longer was what it used to be. I never knew what kind of genre DJ I was until I went to Tomorrowland in 2012, after that unbelievable amazing experience I learned what EDM was and I was able to label myself as an EDM DJ and went on to play on a popular pirate radio station in Cork.
Up until recent months I had amazing gigs and radio shows playing only EDM but since the summer I stopped listening to EDM, it wasn’t for me anymore, all I listened to all summer was electronic house music (and some Lana Del Rey) I didn’t like the recent EDM tracks that were being released and found myself playing all the older stuff over and over until I hated it, so…. I made the decision to change my show!
Tonight I called into the station early to join my fellow DJ, DJ Kodexx for a catch up while he was doing his show but like always he gets me on air and we chat and also abuse the life out of one another  (yes, on air. Lol) he also asked me “when are you gonna mention me on your blog?” To which I replied “when I have more content and more readers” and in his response it was he, not I that said “expect to lose them all then” so now that he has been mentioned…. bye my fellow readers 😭
We had a great craic on his show called the weekend launchpad, we had such a good craic he has suggested me joining as his co-host, I agreed out of pity cause his show must be doing so bad that he needs my help (I joke 😂) we really do bounce off one another and he too suffers from Peter Pan syndrome like myself but I do have one major issue with Kodexx… while kicking off my brand new show and trying to sound very professional in my first link he threw a ball of paper in my face…. C’mon who does that? Emmm… during a live outside broadcast during the summer he threw a burger in my face while speaking on air!! Anyway he ruined my entire show and I am gonna pay him back next week!
This has been my first music blog post, hope you enjoyed it and maybe made you giggle a bit.

Lots and lots of love…. K 💜 x


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