Very affordable primer that’s also good for your skin.

I was shopping in my local Lidl yesterday and I spotted a product called Cien anti-wrinkle facecream.


I picked it up because I was intrigued by the ingredients listed on the front. When I looked at the back it stated it would be ideal to use it as a base before applying makeup, so I looked at the ingredients. Primers contain an ingredient called Glycerin. Who saw Nikkitutorials post about Nivea post shave balm? That product works well as a primer because it has Glycerin in it, well so does this anti-wrinkle cream, so for €2.99 I said I would give it a try. Here is a picture of today’s mug.


I did my makeup at roughly 2pm today, I got home and removed my makeup at 10.30pm. On inspection, my makeup was still perfect, foundation, powder, contour, highlight… everything bar the lips of course 😅
I’m very pleased with this product so I am definitely adding it to my makeup kit plus… who doesn’t want the extra benefit of vitamin E & UV filters 😉

Night, Much love…. K Xx



When I began this blog a few months ago I knew I couldn’t totally commit until the new year, the new year arrived and I became very ill in the midst of trying to redecorate my home for my new makeup room.

Since I began my makeup page on Facebook I always kept up with challenges but couldn’t keep up with latest which was the Valentines challenge I put together. I have every intention in finishing it and won’t be doing another challenge again until the summer. I think now I need to get my priorities straight and focus on what matters most. Lots of exciting things happening in the pipeline.

Need to chill a Lil bit for now and let be what will be, hopefully I will chill a bit and be myself a little bit more on here and on my FB page. I seem to find it easier to be more myself on Snapchat for some reason :/

Night and much love… K ❤