Practice, practice, practice (SFX makeup post)

Okay so since I said in my last blog post I would keep you posted on the three collaborations I was going doing. I didnt expect to be doing one tonight but one of the MUAs I’m doing a look with, got hers done today. When she showed me her look I decided I’d skip the gym this evening and get my look done.
I’ve mentioned in the past how I love SFX and accidentally got into it by watching a YouTube video. I started in July 2014 and I got totally hooked, I thought I was AMAAAZING (I was FAR from it, even though I have improved so much, today I don’t even think I am AMAAAZING 😂)
I did a zombie look in July 2014 and I did another one last July 2015 for my Facebook makeup page and showed the two side by side to compare. Here it is


A big improvement and remember I said above “I thought I was AMAAAZING” when I started 😂😂😂
So the collaboration I did today was with another makeup artist, I suggested we do a theme based on the YouTube video “100 year zombie evolution” Darragh (the MUA I collaborated with) decided to do the Biter zombie and I decided to have a go at the Volatile zombie. And here is our collaboration


Isn’t Darraghs look amazing? If you want to check out Darraghs work, check her out on instagram @_makeupfox_
Here is a full picture of my sexy zombae 😉


So yes I do see an improvement compared to my last look. I wasn’t entirely happy with how it was coming out on camera but I am still learning about lighting and photography. Slowly everything is improving and getting slightly better. Practice might make perfect someday. I will keep at it anyway because makeup is my passion, it’s what I do and love more than anything.

Night… love K 😘 x


Crazy, busy life!

I did good for a week keeping up my new years resolution at committing to my blog 😐
Life has been crazy busy, I don’t even know how to balance everything out!
Trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle, work, playtime and makeup!!!
Since redecorating my house I still haven’t pieced it all back together. One person living in a 3 bedroom house and not having space…. how do families live in these “spacious” houses?
I’m currenly clearing out cupboards and closets to try store my sfx supplies since I don’t want them in my beauty/makeup room.
In other exciting news, over the next week I am collaborating with three MUAs for three different themes, all special effects, one is an easter bunny boiler. Another is a walking dead zombie theme and the last is a 100 year evolution of zombies theme! Excited is an understatement 😘
Will keep ye posted any who on how it all goes.
Lots of love… K ❤

My Makeup Mule takes a trip to Sephora.

I like to spend my evenings unwinding by browsing on Instagram or watching YouTube videos on the latest makeup trends and products. As I said on my Facebook page earlier, it aches my heart watching YouTubers rave on about products I cannot purchase locally 💔 but I am lucky in a sense that my baby sis Laura lives right next to Sephora in Spain, so if I see a product I need or want, Laura goes on the hunt 😂
I really wanted Kat Von D’s shade and light contour palette and eyeshadow palette, I also saw a Youtuber use a Kiko lip liner in 504 (Laura also lives very close to Kiko) so I WhatsApped her earlier this week and asked her if she could take a look for me when she had the chance.
Last year I did an interview for a local paper about a makeup challenge I was doing on my makeup page while raising money for a cancer research charity, during the interview I spoke about Laura and how if I couldn’t find a lipstick shade or a product I just had to have, poor Laura would go on a mission to find it for me and I was asked “so your poor sister is your makeup mule?” I laughed and replied “yes basically” since then my unfortunate little sister has been nicknamed ‘my makeup mule’ 😅
So I woke up this morning pretty late (I like to have a lie in on a Saturday 😜) and I had text messages from Laura asking me to get in touch with her, so I rang, we had our little chat and catch up on life, then she went on the search for the goodies. She told me when she went into Sephora the sales assistant politely asked her in Spanish “what is she looking for now?” When Laura told me this, I laughed so hard. Laura showed the sales assistant the pictures I had sent her and the sales assistant showed her the products and held them up so that Laura could take pictures to send onto me.


I told Laura which one to get and with that off she went to the till to make the purchase. I just wanna say respect and thanks to that lovely sales assistant ✌
Once Laura was done in Sephora off she went on her merry way to Kiko to pick up the lip liner I wanted. Once she was finished her shopping spree she came home and took some pictures to show me


The shade and light palettes above and below the Kiko lip liner.


When sharing the pictures she captioned them “the makeup mule strikes again” 😂
I am very blessed and grateful to have an amazing family. They support, love and encourage me on everything I do. I am very close to my siblings, they’re my best friends and how many sisters out there would spend their Saturday afternoon searching and hunting down makeup products?? Laura is home in June so I will wait until then to get the purchases she made today, I’d rather wait than them arriving by mail broken. In the meantime I am sure I will have her out looking for other products so when she comes home I will have a big Sephora and Kiko makeup haul. We joked on the phone saying I won’t even hug her like I usually do when she comes home, instead I will be like…. “welcome back, now where is my makeup?” 😂
Big shout out and love to my makeup mule Laura. Love you Xxx

Peace and love..  K 💛 Xx

Blogging… What was I afraid of?

I started this blog back in September last year and gave a half attempt at posting here and there because I was just dipping my toes into the pond and getting a feel of things. I didn’t think people would have much interest in what I was about and what I had to say. At the end of last year I made some new years resolutions and one of them was to commit to blogging. For me personally I put down one of the hardest winters, I was trying to redecorate my entire house so that I could convert one of my rooms into a beauty/makeup room. I was suffering in a lot of pain with a neck problem I have, was struck down with every illness and had a few personal issues going on, everything happened at once, I thought I’d never get through it but had no intention of throwing in the towel. When I put my mind to something I am totally dedicated. Blogging was put on the long finger (any excuse to hold off) I thought “right, once I sort my life out, then I will definitely commit” and had that in the back of mind always.
Well my life isn’t 100% sorted, my makeup room is done, some personal issues are resolved and I am not sick or in pain but I have starting committing to this blog now, now I know what I am doing 😂
Since I started my Facebook makeup page, I put so much work into it and enjoy it so much. I have a few true followers that I feel I have a special bond with who have been with me from the very beginning and I hope the same will come of this. I don’t know why I was afraid of blogging but I knew deep down it was something I really wanted to do and so far it is going great and something I genuinely am enjoying and want to keep at.

Will definitely be back again soon. Love K x

The making of a makeup artist.

I love how on Facebook they have brought in the feature of “memories, on this day… how ever many years ago” I find myself looking back, remembering special occasions, happy memories I might have forgotten and, AND… how awful my makeup was or how my makeup skills have improved 😂
I only started contouring, filling in my eyebrows and using more than two colours for eyeshadow, two years ago this summer. I hadn’t a clue how to do makeup. It was simple foundation smeared on with my fingers, lipstick slapped on and if not one eyeshadow colour then possibly two finished with a lashing of mascara. I had to go to a beauticians to have my false eyelashes applied. This was me doing my own makeup, way, waaaay back in the day


That picture was taken back in 2008. Sunbed tan, frazzled over bleached locks, cleavage over exposed, not a mind the makeup, the most offensive thing are those skinny brows 🙈
I only discovered I had a talent for makeup back in summer 2014 and I can’t really say it was a talent but more of a curiosity and obsession with SFX (as a child up until i finished school, i always wanted to be an art teacher, so i guess I’ve always had an artistic and creative flair) well I watched a YouTube tutorial, gave it a go and really the rest is history. I applied for a college course and two months later I was accepted and finished with two qualifications.
What satisfies me more than anything is seeing my progression and learning new abilities and techniques. I’m so glad I finally found my calling because I truly believe we can all find a job that you wouldn’t call a job, something you can wake up to each day and look forward to. So here is an improvement picture of not just my makeup also my hair, non sunbed skin and style 😂

Love K Xx


Fashion, what fashion?!

From when I was a teenager I knew what kinda clothes and style I wanted to wear. I have never followed fashion or what styles were in, if I liked something, plain and simple… I liked it! As per usual, I am a woman and even though I have three wardrobes and two dressers full of clothes, on a night out or an event “I have nothing to wear” but if I dig deep I have some golden oldies to wear.


This golden oldie is at least 7 years old. I clear out my wardrobes at least 6 times a year but I definitely know how to reuse! The amount of compliments I got on this dress was in insane and I hadn’t worn it in at the very least… five years!


I hate how many people are influencing people to keep up with trends. What about just keeping up with you and what makes you happy? I have clothes that are so ancient but will never hand over to a charity shop just because I was seen wearing it once or twice! Once it’s clean, I will wear it everyday if I please! I have so many clothing items that you couldn’t find today so keeping them and pairing them with other clothing items is more treasurable than keeping up with fashion trends. That’s just my opinion but remember to do what makes you happy. If keeping up with trends is your thing, go for it! If not, don’t be pressured into it either 😘

Sweet dreams my lovelies, love K Xx