The making of a makeup artist.

I love how on Facebook they have brought in the feature of “memories, on this day… how ever many years ago” I find myself looking back, remembering special occasions, happy memories I might have forgotten and, AND… how awful my makeup was or how my makeup skills have improved 😂
I only started contouring, filling in my eyebrows and using more than two colours for eyeshadow, two years ago this summer. I hadn’t a clue how to do makeup. It was simple foundation smeared on with my fingers, lipstick slapped on and if not one eyeshadow colour then possibly two finished with a lashing of mascara. I had to go to a beauticians to have my false eyelashes applied. This was me doing my own makeup, way, waaaay back in the day


That picture was taken back in 2008. Sunbed tan, frazzled over bleached locks, cleavage over exposed, not a mind the makeup, the most offensive thing are those skinny brows 🙈
I only discovered I had a talent for makeup back in summer 2014 and I can’t really say it was a talent but more of a curiosity and obsession with SFX (as a child up until i finished school, i always wanted to be an art teacher, so i guess I’ve always had an artistic and creative flair) well I watched a YouTube tutorial, gave it a go and really the rest is history. I applied for a college course and two months later I was accepted and finished with two qualifications.
What satisfies me more than anything is seeing my progression and learning new abilities and techniques. I’m so glad I finally found my calling because I truly believe we can all find a job that you wouldn’t call a job, something you can wake up to each day and look forward to. So here is an improvement picture of not just my makeup also my hair, non sunbed skin and style 😂

Love K Xx



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