Crazy, busy life!

I did good for a week keeping up my new years resolution at committing to my blog 😐
Life has been crazy busy, I don’t even know how to balance everything out!
Trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle, work, playtime and makeup!!!
Since redecorating my house I still haven’t pieced it all back together. One person living in a 3 bedroom house and not having space…. how do families live in these “spacious” houses?
I’m currenly clearing out cupboards and closets to try store my sfx supplies since I don’t want them in my beauty/makeup room.
In other exciting news, over the next week I am collaborating with three MUAs for three different themes, all special effects, one is an easter bunny boiler. Another is a walking dead zombie theme and the last is a 100 year evolution of zombies theme! Excited is an understatement 😘
Will keep ye posted any who on how it all goes.
Lots of love… K ❤


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