Practice, practice, practice (SFX makeup post)

Okay so since I said in my last blog post I would keep you posted on the three collaborations I was going doing. I didnt expect to be doing one tonight but one of the MUAs I’m doing a look with, got hers done today. When she showed me her look I decided I’d skip the gym this evening and get my look done.
I’ve mentioned in the past how I love SFX and accidentally got into it by watching a YouTube video. I started in July 2014 and I got totally hooked, I thought I was AMAAAZING (I was FAR from it, even though I have improved so much, today I don’t even think I am AMAAAZING 😂)
I did a zombie look in July 2014 and I did another one last July 2015 for my Facebook makeup page and showed the two side by side to compare. Here it is


A big improvement and remember I said above “I thought I was AMAAAZING” when I started 😂😂😂
So the collaboration I did today was with another makeup artist, I suggested we do a theme based on the YouTube video “100 year zombie evolution” Darragh (the MUA I collaborated with) decided to do the Biter zombie and I decided to have a go at the Volatile zombie. And here is our collaboration


Isn’t Darraghs look amazing? If you want to check out Darraghs work, check her out on instagram @_makeupfox_
Here is a full picture of my sexy zombae 😉


So yes I do see an improvement compared to my last look. I wasn’t entirely happy with how it was coming out on camera but I am still learning about lighting and photography. Slowly everything is improving and getting slightly better. Practice might make perfect someday. I will keep at it anyway because makeup is my passion, it’s what I do and love more than anything.

Night… love K 😘 x


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