100 day makeup challenge.

Last summer, three friends and I completed a 30 day makeup challenge. I enjoyed it so much that I also did a 31 day Halloween challenge and a 25 day Christmas challenge so this year I thought I would take on the ultimate challenge of all…. The 100 day makeup challenge.
Now while there are lots of good aspects about doing challenges, there are also some down sides.
1. If you have a busy lifestyle (like me), setting aside some time to do the challenge can be an issue.
2. If you cannot motivate or purely dedicate yourself to do the challenge, then you may as well forget about it. Someday’s if you’re like me after a hard days work, all you wanna do is chill but I get the challenge done…. then chill 😂 3. If you do special effects makeup like me, then you have to take extra care of your poor makeup beaten, bloody face, which can take forever to remove. One day I did Mystique, a character from X-men (just in case you didn’t know 😁) and although it was only facepaint that washes off easily, five days later after four more looks and four more showers, I was still finding blue face paint in little crevices on my body, mainly my ears.


4. Cost may be an issue. While you can use very little makeup and create so many creations beyond your imagination. To create completely different looks like beauty, special effects, movie characters, high fashion, cosplay, theatrical, then supplies, costumes, contact lenses and wigs do cost money. I know everytime I’ve done a challenge, I have spent a small fortune on supplies and I am currently restocking both my beauty and SFX kit at the moment for this current challenge.
Now that’s all the negatives out of the way, let’s move on to the positives, shall we? 😊
1. Fun. If you are a makeup artist, inspiring makeup artist, makeup junkie or just love to bloody play with makeup then you just know how much fun it is to mess around with makeup. If somebody locked me away in a tower, I wouldn’t care once I had my makeup kits, oh and a camera so I could take my selfies for evidence 😂
2. If you post your daily challenges online, then hearing feedback is so nice. I have a makeup page on Facebook and everytime I do a challenge, people I wouldn’t know that follow my page approach me and say they follow my challenge, that they love it and can’t wait to see what else I will come up with. The fact other people are enjoying it and not just you is very rewarding.
3. Nobody is perfect but we can only get better because there is always room for improvement! I look at when I first did SFX which I mentioned in a previous post. At the time I thought I was amaaaazing, seriously, I did 😂 but now I love seeing my progress and using different techniques. When I do looks now, I am very critical and have often contemplated about uploading certain looks, the ones now that I am most critical of, are my most popular. So in saying that, we really are our own worst critics.
Today I’m on day 15 and just did a quick look cause as I said above, time maybe an issue but dedicate and motivate yourself to get it done.


Peace out…. Love K. 💙


17 thoughts on “100 day makeup challenge.

    1. Thanks honey bunch! I was just finished reading your blog post about Jeffree Stars beauty killer palette when I got a notification you commented… now I want that palette 🙈🙈🙈

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      1. Oh I saw his tutorials on his highlighters and thought “I WANT” but after reading your post on the beauty killer palette, now I want that too 😂 his products sell out so fast though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I wouldn’t even try to be honest because if I didn’t get one, I would be so disappointed. I am a bit OCD about getting makeup products I want. Sephora in USA don’t deliver here to Ireland and I was obsessed with getting the Mickey Mouse palette. I was so stressed until I figured out a way to get one 😂

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      3. I love the Minnie Mouse palette! And I know…so many people buy multiples of Jeffree’s products and get them the second they are released so it’s impossible to get anything. I got the second round of Beauty Killer palettes no problem though

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I love the Minnie mouse palette (even though I called it the Mickey Mouse palette 😂) Jeffree Star is probably the only brand I don’t own because I can’t stand the competition for his products. Love him though, do you follow him on Snapchat? One word…. LOVE ❤

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