Sephora, Parcel Motel, Disney and everything in between!!!

In a previous post I mentioned my “makeup mule” aka my baby sis lives in Spain, where right next to where she lives there is a Sephora and Kiko. Here in Ireland there is no Sephora or Kiko, Sephora won’t even deliver to Ireland, I know…. how sad is that?! 😭 While I had been lucky enough to have my sister, my makeup mule to go and fetch whatever I wanted from Sephora, Sephora in Spain didn’t always stock what was available in the USA Sephora. Being an adult Disney Fanatic and Makeup Artist, I had to HAVE the Sephora Minnie mouse palette and very much to my dismay, the stores in Spain never even heard of it. I tried eBay and they wouldn’t deliver to Ireland?! To say I was heartbroken was an understatement but I didn’t give up hope and thought “there must be a way I can get my hands on that palette” without dragging this post on too much, I literally spent a day researching and found out about a service called Parcel Motel. Literally a UK address you can use to get your parcels delivered to and they bring them over here!!! Since using this service, I can’t recommend them enough, when your package arrives at Parcel Motel, they email you to tell you they have your parcel and that they’re taking good care of it, they even send you a picture of it and weirdly…. I found that adorable 😂 and YAAAAAAASSSSS I got my Minnie Mouse palette.


Besides the Minnie Mouse palette, my sister has been able to go and get me everything my makeup heart desires in the Sephora store in Spain (I must almost own all of the Kat Von D range) but my sister has decided to move home next week for the foreseeable future so unfortunately I will no longer have a makeup mule but, buuuuuttt it’s amazing to have her home and her company means more to me than makeup, but there is another but….. I AM GOING OVER TO SPAIN TO HELP HER MOVE HOME!!!!!! So guess what??? SEE YA NEXT WEEK SEPHORA 😜

P.S My makeup mules last mission getting the last of what was left of the Kat Von D range I wanted 😂


Love…. K 😘


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