Battle of the Matte Liquid Lipstick ðŸ’‹

Before I begin, I would like to say that what you read here are just my own personal opinions and views. Not every makeup product works or doesn’t work for everyone 😘

You may not be as old as me to remember a time when you checked out your lipstick and topped it/corrected it more than anything else you did in a day!

That of course was before the invention of the “makeup holy grail” matte liquid lipstick. Now I know not everyone is into liquid lipstick and a lot of people still prefer gloss but for me it is a life saver, I don’t need to check myself out every two minute’s to see if the product is still there or that it hasn’t bled or the WORST… that killer red lippie has transfered onto your teeth 😂

First off I got hooked on Kat Von Ds everlasting liquid lipsticks, I bought almost the entire collection. The pigments where stunning, easy to apply and wore “relatively well” Then I tried Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick’s and while I was very, very impressed, the whole Jeffree Star controversy kicked off and I decided not to support him anymore and without going too much into it, after doing my own research, I decided “Okay, he has apologised and we have all made mistakes” (When I say that, I want you to know… my mistakes hurt only me and no one else) 

Without getting ahead of myself, when I decided I wasn’t supporting Jeffree anymore, I decided I would try Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, now I know Kylie has a lot of fans of her lip kits, I simply didn’t like them, I didn’t like how they felt or looked on my lips, I felt my lips looked cracked and dry. As I said in the beginning, this is just my opinion, if you love Kylie’s lip kits and they work for you? Yay… “do you boo” 😘

So after all the Jeffree controversy started to die down and he apologised for his behavior (he is a little erratic) I decided well he does make amazing makeup products and while I don’t always agree with his behaviour and what he does (smoking weed on his channel) why should I lose out on using an amazing profuct which is an animal cruelty free product? I try my best to support brands that don’t test on animals but I can’t admit “hey every product I own is cruelty free” 😔

Back to liquid lipsticks… I own almost all Jeffree’s collection now and I have to say, they are the best around, they apply well, the last for such a long time, they feel so comfortable on the lips and the colour payoff is amazing.

An amazing little Indie brand called Impulse cosmetics also make amazing liquid lipsticks in every shade imaginable and they’re duochromes are to die for 😍

I think that sums up everything for tonight folks.

Sweet dreams. Love K 😘 x


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