Hello.. Remember me?

Hey babies! I’m the worst blogger to ever exist, but… I was doing my makeup this morning (cough…afternoon) and thought… I haven’t updated my blog in forever and I have loads to talk about! 

Since we last left off, I was doing YET another challenge for my FB makeup page and just a week ago I started the 100 day makeup challenge again, why?… I like to punish and make myself suffer.. only joking 😂

I’ve lost interest on my FB makeup page other than posting challenges because Facebook just want to pay to boost/promote posts and Instagram you just get a load of followers who expect you to follow them back so they can unfollow you! Hopefully this will finally be the platform I can speak my mind and where those who are truly interested, will stick around to see

We will see, any who… see me soon, I have lots I wanna have a little chat about.

Love K 😘 x


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