Battle of the Matte Liquid Lipstick 💋

Before I begin, I would like to say that what you read here are just my own personal opinions and views. Not every makeup product works or doesn’t work for everyone 😘

You may not be as old as me to remember a time when you checked out your lipstick and topped it/corrected it more than anything else you did in a day!

That of course was before the invention of the “makeup holy grail” matte liquid lipstick. Now I know not everyone is into liquid lipstick and a lot of people still prefer gloss but for me it is a life saver, I don’t need to check myself out every two minute’s to see if the product is still there or that it hasn’t bled or the WORST… that killer red lippie has transfered onto your teeth 😂

First off I got hooked on Kat Von Ds everlasting liquid lipsticks, I bought almost the entire collection. The pigments where stunning, easy to apply and wore “relatively well” Then I tried Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick’s and while I was very, very impressed, the whole Jeffree Star controversy kicked off and I decided not to support him anymore and without going too much into it, after doing my own research, I decided “Okay, he has apologised and we have all made mistakes” (When I say that, I want you to know… my mistakes hurt only me and no one else) 

Without getting ahead of myself, when I decided I wasn’t supporting Jeffree anymore, I decided I would try Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, now I know Kylie has a lot of fans of her lip kits, I simply didn’t like them, I didn’t like how they felt or looked on my lips, I felt my lips looked cracked and dry. As I said in the beginning, this is just my opinion, if you love Kylie’s lip kits and they work for you? Yay… “do you boo” 😘

So after all the Jeffree controversy started to die down and he apologised for his behavior (he is a little erratic) I decided well he does make amazing makeup products and while I don’t always agree with his behaviour and what he does (smoking weed on his channel) why should I lose out on using an amazing profuct which is an animal cruelty free product? I try my best to support brands that don’t test on animals but I can’t admit “hey every product I own is cruelty free” 😔

Back to liquid lipsticks… I own almost all Jeffree’s collection now and I have to say, they are the best around, they apply well, the last for such a long time, they feel so comfortable on the lips and the colour payoff is amazing.

An amazing little Indie brand called Impulse cosmetics also make amazing liquid lipsticks in every shade imaginable and they’re duochromes are to die for 😍

I think that sums up everything for tonight folks.

Sweet dreams. Love K 😘 x


Hello.. Remember me?

Hey babies! I’m the worst blogger to ever exist, but… I was doing my makeup this morning (cough…afternoon) and thought… I haven’t updated my blog in forever and I have loads to talk about! 

Since we last left off, I was doing YET another challenge for my FB makeup page and just a week ago I started the 100 day makeup challenge again, why?… I like to punish and make myself suffer.. only joking 😂

I’ve lost interest on my FB makeup page other than posting challenges because Facebook just want to pay to boost/promote posts and Instagram you just get a load of followers who expect you to follow them back so they can unfollow you! Hopefully this will finally be the platform I can speak my mind and where those who are truly interested, will stick around to see

We will see, any who… see me soon, I have lots I wanna have a little chat about.

Love K 😘 x

Sephora, Parcel Motel, Disney and everything in between!!!

In a previous post I mentioned my “makeup mule” aka my baby sis lives in Spain, where right next to where she lives there is a Sephora and Kiko. Here in Ireland there is no Sephora or Kiko, Sephora won’t even deliver to Ireland, I know…. how sad is that?! 😭 While I had been lucky enough to have my sister, my makeup mule to go and fetch whatever I wanted from Sephora, Sephora in Spain didn’t always stock what was available in the USA Sephora. Being an adult Disney Fanatic and Makeup Artist, I had to HAVE the Sephora Minnie mouse palette and very much to my dismay, the stores in Spain never even heard of it. I tried eBay and they wouldn’t deliver to Ireland?! To say I was heartbroken was an understatement but I didn’t give up hope and thought “there must be a way I can get my hands on that palette” without dragging this post on too much, I literally spent a day researching and found out about a service called Parcel Motel. Literally a UK address you can use to get your parcels delivered to and they bring them over here!!! Since using this service, I can’t recommend them enough, when your package arrives at Parcel Motel, they email you to tell you they have your parcel and that they’re taking good care of it, they even send you a picture of it and weirdly…. I found that adorable 😂 and YAAAAAAASSSSS I got my Minnie Mouse palette.


Besides the Minnie Mouse palette, my sister has been able to go and get me everything my makeup heart desires in the Sephora store in Spain (I must almost own all of the Kat Von D range) but my sister has decided to move home next week for the foreseeable future so unfortunately I will no longer have a makeup mule but, buuuuuttt it’s amazing to have her home and her company means more to me than makeup, but there is another but….. I AM GOING OVER TO SPAIN TO HELP HER MOVE HOME!!!!!! So guess what??? SEE YA NEXT WEEK SEPHORA 😜

P.S My makeup mules last mission getting the last of what was left of the Kat Von D range I wanted 😂


Love…. K 😘

100 day makeup challenge.

Last summer, three friends and I completed a 30 day makeup challenge. I enjoyed it so much that I also did a 31 day Halloween challenge and a 25 day Christmas challenge so this year I thought I would take on the ultimate challenge of all…. The 100 day makeup challenge.
Now while there are lots of good aspects about doing challenges, there are also some down sides.
1. If you have a busy lifestyle (like me), setting aside some time to do the challenge can be an issue.
2. If you cannot motivate or purely dedicate yourself to do the challenge, then you may as well forget about it. Someday’s if you’re like me after a hard days work, all you wanna do is chill but I get the challenge done…. then chill 😂 3. If you do special effects makeup like me, then you have to take extra care of your poor makeup beaten, bloody face, which can take forever to remove. One day I did Mystique, a character from X-men (just in case you didn’t know 😁) and although it was only facepaint that washes off easily, five days later after four more looks and four more showers, I was still finding blue face paint in little crevices on my body, mainly my ears.


4. Cost may be an issue. While you can use very little makeup and create so many creations beyond your imagination. To create completely different looks like beauty, special effects, movie characters, high fashion, cosplay, theatrical, then supplies, costumes, contact lenses and wigs do cost money. I know everytime I’ve done a challenge, I have spent a small fortune on supplies and I am currently restocking both my beauty and SFX kit at the moment for this current challenge.
Now that’s all the negatives out of the way, let’s move on to the positives, shall we? 😊
1. Fun. If you are a makeup artist, inspiring makeup artist, makeup junkie or just love to bloody play with makeup then you just know how much fun it is to mess around with makeup. If somebody locked me away in a tower, I wouldn’t care once I had my makeup kits, oh and a camera so I could take my selfies for evidence 😂
2. If you post your daily challenges online, then hearing feedback is so nice. I have a makeup page on Facebook and everytime I do a challenge, people I wouldn’t know that follow my page approach me and say they follow my challenge, that they love it and can’t wait to see what else I will come up with. The fact other people are enjoying it and not just you is very rewarding.
3. Nobody is perfect but we can only get better because there is always room for improvement! I look at when I first did SFX which I mentioned in a previous post. At the time I thought I was amaaaazing, seriously, I did 😂 but now I love seeing my progress and using different techniques. When I do looks now, I am very critical and have often contemplated about uploading certain looks, the ones now that I am most critical of, are my most popular. So in saying that, we really are our own worst critics.
Today I’m on day 15 and just did a quick look cause as I said above, time maybe an issue but dedicate and motivate yourself to get it done.


Peace out…. Love K. 💙

Favourite brand of mascaras

Haven’t posted anything on here for a while. I still haven’t gotten used to the blogging lifestyle but I will get there 😉

Okay so… I have tried nearly every brand of mascara on the market and I have to say, for me personally my favourite brand of mascara is hands down Maybelline. For a long time the falsies volum express mascara was my favourite.


A long, long time ago, I got eyelash extensions and literally lost almost all my natural eyelashes, I had the baldest eyes. Before I became a MUA and learned how to apply false lashes I used to pay beauticians to apply false eyelashes on me for nights out because I didn’t want to risk messing up my makeup. So when my natural lashes grew back I became obsessed with mascara, I tried every low and high end brand.
About a year and a half ago I started using Maybellines Lash sensational mascara and it has been my go to mascara ever since!


I absolutely love it! I adore the wand, anytime the product runs out or (in a very rare case, expires) I always keep the wand as I plan on keeping them and using them instead of disposable wands on clients.
This mascara goes on so beautiful, no clumping or spider lashes, really dividing each lash.
I was watching TV a few weeks ago and saw the ever so gorgeous Gigi Hadid in the new Maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara advert


Being a Maybelline mascara lover, I was excited and went out to purchase this new mascara. When I first tried it I was sooooo disappointed, my lashes were clumpy, stuck together, spider lashes!
A few days later I decided to give it another try, this time I was going to take my time with the new wand and not dip for more product. I honestly spent a good ten minutes just doing my mascara, using the wand to separate my lashes and not redipping for more product. That day a number of people asked if my lashes were my own so it definitely gave the “falsie” effect 😂 it isn’t a mascara I would recommend if you need to do your makeup quick in the morning.
Overall I “like” it but the lash sensational is still my all time favourite.

Sorry it’s been a while, still trying to get used to blogging.

Night, night. Love K 😘

Practice, practice, practice (SFX makeup post)

Okay so since I said in my last blog post I would keep you posted on the three collaborations I was going doing. I didnt expect to be doing one tonight but one of the MUAs I’m doing a look with, got hers done today. When she showed me her look I decided I’d skip the gym this evening and get my look done.
I’ve mentioned in the past how I love SFX and accidentally got into it by watching a YouTube video. I started in July 2014 and I got totally hooked, I thought I was AMAAAZING (I was FAR from it, even though I have improved so much, today I don’t even think I am AMAAAZING 😂)
I did a zombie look in July 2014 and I did another one last July 2015 for my Facebook makeup page and showed the two side by side to compare. Here it is


A big improvement and remember I said above “I thought I was AMAAAZING” when I started 😂😂😂
So the collaboration I did today was with another makeup artist, I suggested we do a theme based on the YouTube video “100 year zombie evolution” Darragh (the MUA I collaborated with) decided to do the Biter zombie and I decided to have a go at the Volatile zombie. And here is our collaboration


Isn’t Darraghs look amazing? If you want to check out Darraghs work, check her out on instagram @_makeupfox_
Here is a full picture of my sexy zombae 😉


So yes I do see an improvement compared to my last look. I wasn’t entirely happy with how it was coming out on camera but I am still learning about lighting and photography. Slowly everything is improving and getting slightly better. Practice might make perfect someday. I will keep at it anyway because makeup is my passion, it’s what I do and love more than anything.

Night… love K 😘 x

Crazy, busy life!

I did good for a week keeping up my new years resolution at committing to my blog 😐
Life has been crazy busy, I don’t even know how to balance everything out!
Trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle, work, playtime and makeup!!!
Since redecorating my house I still haven’t pieced it all back together. One person living in a 3 bedroom house and not having space…. how do families live in these “spacious” houses?
I’m currenly clearing out cupboards and closets to try store my sfx supplies since I don’t want them in my beauty/makeup room.
In other exciting news, over the next week I am collaborating with three MUAs for three different themes, all special effects, one is an easter bunny boiler. Another is a walking dead zombie theme and the last is a 100 year evolution of zombies theme! Excited is an understatement 😘
Will keep ye posted any who on how it all goes.
Lots of love… K ❤