Fashion, what fashion?!

From when I was a teenager I knew what kinda clothes and style I wanted to wear. I have never followed fashion or what styles were in, if I liked something, plain and simple… I liked it! As per usual, I am a woman and even though I have three wardrobes and two dressers full of clothes, on a night out or an event “I have nothing to wear” but if I dig deep I have some golden oldies to wear.


This golden oldie is at least 7 years old. I clear out my wardrobes at least 6 times a year but I definitely know how to reuse! The amount of compliments I got on this dress was in insane and I hadn’t worn it in at the very least… five years!


I hate how many people are influencing people to keep up with trends. What about just keeping up with you and what makes you happy? I have clothes that are so ancient but will never hand over to a charity shop just because I was seen wearing it once or twice! Once it’s clean, I will wear it everyday if I please! I have so many clothing items that you couldn’t find today so keeping them and pairing them with other clothing items is more treasurable than keeping up with fashion trends. That’s just my opinion but remember to do what makes you happy. If keeping up with trends is your thing, go for it! If not, don’t be pressured into it either 😘

Sweet dreams my lovelies, love K Xx