Hello.. Remember me?

Hey babies! I’m the worst blogger to ever exist, but… I was doing my makeup this morning (cough…afternoon) and thought… I haven’t updated my blog in forever and I have loads to talk about! 

Since we last left off, I was doing YET another challenge for my FB makeup page and just a week ago I started the 100 day makeup challenge again, why?… I like to punish and make myself suffer.. only joking 😂

I’ve lost interest on my FB makeup page other than posting challenges because Facebook just want to pay to boost/promote posts and Instagram you just get a load of followers who expect you to follow them back so they can unfollow you! Hopefully this will finally be the platform I can speak my mind and where those who are truly interested, will stick around to see

We will see, any who… see me soon, I have lots I wanna have a little chat about.

Love K 😘 x


Sephora, Parcel Motel, Disney and everything in between!!!

In a previous post I mentioned my “makeup mule” aka my baby sis lives in Spain, where right next to where she lives there is a Sephora and Kiko. Here in Ireland there is no Sephora or Kiko, Sephora won’t even deliver to Ireland, I know…. how sad is that?! 😭 While I had been lucky enough to have my sister, my makeup mule to go and fetch whatever I wanted from Sephora, Sephora in Spain didn’t always stock what was available in the USA Sephora. Being an adult Disney Fanatic and Makeup Artist, I had to HAVE the Sephora Minnie mouse palette and very much to my dismay, the stores in Spain never even heard of it. I tried eBay and they wouldn’t deliver to Ireland?! To say I was heartbroken was an understatement but I didn’t give up hope and thought “there must be a way I can get my hands on that palette” without dragging this post on too much, I literally spent a day researching and found out about a service called Parcel Motel. Literally a UK address you can use to get your parcels delivered to and they bring them over here!!! Since using this service, I can’t recommend them enough, when your package arrives at Parcel Motel, they email you to tell you they have your parcel and that they’re taking good care of it, they even send you a picture of it and weirdly…. I found that adorable 😂 and YAAAAAAASSSSS I got my Minnie Mouse palette.


Besides the Minnie Mouse palette, my sister has been able to go and get me everything my makeup heart desires in the Sephora store in Spain (I must almost own all of the Kat Von D range) but my sister has decided to move home next week for the foreseeable future so unfortunately I will no longer have a makeup mule but, buuuuuttt it’s amazing to have her home and her company means more to me than makeup, but there is another but….. I AM GOING OVER TO SPAIN TO HELP HER MOVE HOME!!!!!! So guess what??? SEE YA NEXT WEEK SEPHORA 😜

P.S My makeup mules last mission getting the last of what was left of the Kat Von D range I wanted 😂


Love…. K 😘

100 day makeup challenge.

Last summer, three friends and I completed a 30 day makeup challenge. I enjoyed it so much that I also did a 31 day Halloween challenge and a 25 day Christmas challenge so this year I thought I would take on the ultimate challenge of all…. The 100 day makeup challenge.
Now while there are lots of good aspects about doing challenges, there are also some down sides.
1. If you have a busy lifestyle (like me), setting aside some time to do the challenge can be an issue.
2. If you cannot motivate or purely dedicate yourself to do the challenge, then you may as well forget about it. Someday’s if you’re like me after a hard days work, all you wanna do is chill but I get the challenge done…. then chill 😂 3. If you do special effects makeup like me, then you have to take extra care of your poor makeup beaten, bloody face, which can take forever to remove. One day I did Mystique, a character from X-men (just in case you didn’t know 😁) and although it was only facepaint that washes off easily, five days later after four more looks and four more showers, I was still finding blue face paint in little crevices on my body, mainly my ears.


4. Cost may be an issue. While you can use very little makeup and create so many creations beyond your imagination. To create completely different looks like beauty, special effects, movie characters, high fashion, cosplay, theatrical, then supplies, costumes, contact lenses and wigs do cost money. I know everytime I’ve done a challenge, I have spent a small fortune on supplies and I am currently restocking both my beauty and SFX kit at the moment for this current challenge.
Now that’s all the negatives out of the way, let’s move on to the positives, shall we? 😊
1. Fun. If you are a makeup artist, inspiring makeup artist, makeup junkie or just love to bloody play with makeup then you just know how much fun it is to mess around with makeup. If somebody locked me away in a tower, I wouldn’t care once I had my makeup kits, oh and a camera so I could take my selfies for evidence 😂
2. If you post your daily challenges online, then hearing feedback is so nice. I have a makeup page on Facebook and everytime I do a challenge, people I wouldn’t know that follow my page approach me and say they follow my challenge, that they love it and can’t wait to see what else I will come up with. The fact other people are enjoying it and not just you is very rewarding.
3. Nobody is perfect but we can only get better because there is always room for improvement! I look at when I first did SFX which I mentioned in a previous post. At the time I thought I was amaaaazing, seriously, I did 😂 but now I love seeing my progress and using different techniques. When I do looks now, I am very critical and have often contemplated about uploading certain looks, the ones now that I am most critical of, are my most popular. So in saying that, we really are our own worst critics.
Today I’m on day 15 and just did a quick look cause as I said above, time maybe an issue but dedicate and motivate yourself to get it done.


Peace out…. Love K. 💙


When I began this blog a few months ago I knew I couldn’t totally commit until the new year, the new year arrived and I became very ill in the midst of trying to redecorate my home for my new makeup room.

Since I began my makeup page on Facebook I always kept up with challenges but couldn’t keep up with latest which was the Valentines challenge I put together. I have every intention in finishing it and won’t be doing another challenge again until the summer. I think now I need to get my priorities straight and focus on what matters most. Lots of exciting things happening in the pipeline.

Need to chill a Lil bit for now and let be what will be, hopefully I will chill a bit and be myself a little bit more on here and on my FB page. I seem to find it easier to be more myself on Snapchat for some reason :/

Night and much love… K ❤

(Music post) New radio show

For the last year and two months I have had my show called the Electronic Dance Session on CRY104FM but I grew tired of EDM and it no longer was what it used to be. I never knew what kind of genre DJ I was until I went to Tomorrowland in 2012, after that unbelievable amazing experience I learned what EDM was and I was able to label myself as an EDM DJ and went on to play on a popular pirate radio station in Cork.
Up until recent months I had amazing gigs and radio shows playing only EDM but since the summer I stopped listening to EDM, it wasn’t for me anymore, all I listened to all summer was electronic house music (and some Lana Del Rey) I didn’t like the recent EDM tracks that were being released and found myself playing all the older stuff over and over until I hated it, so…. I made the decision to change my show!
Tonight I called into the station early to join my fellow DJ, DJ Kodexx for a catch up while he was doing his show but like always he gets me on air and we chat and also abuse the life out of one another  (yes, on air. Lol) he also asked me “when are you gonna mention me on your blog?” To which I replied “when I have more content and more readers” and in his response it was he, not I that said “expect to lose them all then” so now that he has been mentioned…. bye my fellow readers 😭
We had a great craic on his show called the weekend launchpad, we had such a good craic he has suggested me joining as his co-host, I agreed out of pity cause his show must be doing so bad that he needs my help (I joke 😂) we really do bounce off one another and he too suffers from Peter Pan syndrome like myself but I do have one major issue with Kodexx… while kicking off my brand new show and trying to sound very professional in my first link he threw a ball of paper in my face…. C’mon who does that? Emmm… during a live outside broadcast during the summer he threw a burger in my face while speaking on air!! Anyway he ruined my entire show and I am gonna pay him back next week!
This has been my first music blog post, hope you enjoyed it and maybe made you giggle a bit.

Lots and lots of love…. K 💜 x

Trying to get used to the blog & future (hopefully) vlog life.

I am totally hopeless! I was meant to update this after doing the live periscope with Whatsalon. Well it did go well, I was very nervous at first but the second time we went live I was totally relaxed. You’d think with me being a radio DJ I’d have some confidence  being “live” but no, no I do not! Here is the look I did for Whatsalon on periscope.


I had so much fun with Naomi doing this, at one point she was having trouble with her phone and asked a tech guy to come in and help, he had no idea what we were doing and he looked at me with concern, Naomi burst out laughing, not only didn’t she introduce us but didn’t explain what we were doing. I sat there oblivious, it was actually hilarious!
So the last few weeks I haven’t updated on here because I am still trying to get used to blogging but also doing a lot of research on blogging and vlogging. A lot of my followers on Facebook want me to start doing Youtube. Santa dearest is bringing me a Sony a5000 camera this year (such a good girl, I know ;)) and I have been looking into lighting etc as that is my biggest issue, especially this time of year in Ireland when we have very few hours daylight so when I take pictures of my makeup it literally dissolves on camera but I think I found a solution to my problem after much research (now I know what those Youtubers do 😆) I am going to invest in proper lighting and backdrops in time for my Sony a5000 camera.
But before I get all the proper equipment I am embarking in another challenge. A 25 day Christmas challenge starting as of the 1st of December  (which I made up again by myself…. proud!) Here is the challenge


There is a typo… Santa’s Little helper (r) I Know but didnt realise until I posted It!
Bare with me, I am only getting used to this blogging world, I will try update more often cause I do have lots to share with you 😘
Lots of love K ❤ xx

Halloween is over BUUUUUT…..

Halloween might be over but I still have one halloween/sfx look to do! Last week I had a meeting with Whatsalon, if you haven’t heard of it, it is a new app that you download to your phone and can search salons nearby and book there and then from your phone conveniently and confidentially.


During the meeting, we decided to do a live streaming of me doing an sfx makeup look tomorrow at 2pm on Periscope. Sounds like fun, been looking forward to it all week, even though i think i might be a little nervous 🙈 Still haven’t decided on what look I will be doing yet?!
I will update on here tomorrow night on how the experience was.
Loooooove…. K ❤